Recovering from powerlessness is an idea I came up with after struggling in the traditional recovery community.  Not everyone fits in, in a Christian-based program.  I, for instance am an eclectic pagan.  i always have been but I never had a name for it until I met a small group of women who I finally felt like I resonated with.   This group of women in the recovery community has been shunned by others for having different beliefs.  Although a 12 step program saved my life, I eventually I began to feel like my recovery was going nowhere.  There was no unity, no support.  Not only am I pagan, I am with a man who has been in and out of the program for years.  I have seen a lot of people talk one way and act a completely different way when they think no one is watching.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that I am not perfect!  But for a long time now, I have craved a fellowship where I can be myself and talk about whatever I want to talk about.  I strongly believe that almost every person on the face of this earth qualifies as some sort of addict who could recovery principles.  I have found that even when the desire to drink is gone there is a whole other world of dysfunction that creates chaos in my life.  That is what recovering from powerlessness is all about.  Whether you are addicted to substances, or behaviors (like control or judging). My hope is, that this blog will attract people who are trying to break the mold and live authentic lives in recovery.






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